Electronic Meter

  • The collection of power meter readings is a challenging problem either in high-density population areas or in rural areas. That is why meters are equipped with transmission facilities, which represent the new generation of power meters. On the other hand, finding a proper communication channel is another problem. Transmission over power lines does not require any further wiring or frequency slot (for RF channel) to transmit the meter readings.
  • We introduce a complete design of an electronic meter equipped with communication facility over power lines. The meter also supports serial communication with different electronic units. These communication facilities support the integration of the meter with large DataBases and information management systems.
  • The design also provides power failure detection and emergency saving of data while long-lived memory holds data for reuse. The user interface is very simple and friendly. The design also incorporates a watchdog sequence and case opening detector for securing the metering process.
  • This meter can be used in prepaid.