Distribution Management System (DMS)

   Distribution Management System

  •  EOIP's Enterprise solutions represent a comprehensive information and management system designed to integrate the day-to-day activities and transactions.  

  •  The EOIP DMS includes all necessary hardware and software to satisfy the functional and performance requirements.  

  •  EOIP solution's real benefit comes from its ability to integrate all the devices of your substation into a single control network.  

  •  The entire network solution is available to communicate in multiple protocols, across multiple communication media to multiple control centers.  

  •  Every EOIP solution is developed to combine the numerous departmental systems onto a common system and database. The EOIP enterprise is built on over 14 years of experience designing and implementing systems all over Egypt and Middle East region. This experience gives clients the solutions and services needed for a complete implementation that can have you experiencing the benefits of the EOIP Enterprise quickly and easily.  

  •  With EOIP's Enterprise solutions, we can save time and money by reducing the operational inefficiencies, redundant processes, and system management and training requirements found in traditional state and local government systems. Electrical power distributions geographically widely spread, but it is still interconnected through the transmission network. This causes Electrical Power companies use Distribution Management System "DMS".