Numerical Overcurrent Relays

OvercurrentProtectionRelay-NORAS OvercurrentProtectionRelay

  • EOIP has developed its own design of Digital Protection Relay. The main purpose of our design is to develop a relay that will automatically "shut-down" whenever the current exceeds a predefined value. This is in order to protect the 11KV power transmission lines.

  • The product Conforms to IEC-255-4. It can be easily configured using the infrared communication through any HHU.

  • The relay can also be used as Reading Terminal Unit (RTU) that reports to a SCADA System. It provides event recording with time tag.

The digital relay is capable of performing feeder protection functions, metering and monitoring functions, event recording and control functions.

Relay Functions:

  1. Feeder protection.
  2. Transformer line protection.
  3. Principle element for EOIP SCADA system.

Protection and Control.

  1. Instantaneous directional overcurrent for phase fault.

  2. Delay time directional overcurrent, modular design, for phase fault.
  3. Instantaneous directional overcurrent for earth fault.
  4. Delay time directional overcurrent, modular design, for earth fault.
  5. Over and under voltage.
  6. Over and under frequency.
  7. Setting tables.
  8. Inrush blocking.
  9. Breaker failure protection.

Monitoring and Metering

  • Breaker status and Breaker health.
  • Metering true RMS and fundamental.
  • Current and voltage symmetrical components (l1, l2, l0) & (V1, V2, V0,).
  • Frequency.
  • Demand ammeter.
  • Event recorder up to 144 events.
  • Waveform captures of I and V.
  • Self-test diagnostics.
  • User Interface 16 LEDs.
  • 8 lines back-light LCD and 20 keys keypad.
  • RS232, RS485 & Infra-red.
  • ANSI and Mod-Bus standards.

Non-directional Overcurrent Relay for Automated Substation (NORAS)

Hybrid-directional Overcurrent Relay for Automated Substation (HORAS)