Automatic Reader system

for Water consumption and Losses (ARWL)

ARWL is a power line communication system that automates the process of collecting the readings of the water meters directly through the distribution transformer.

   Benefits of “ARWL”

  •  Communication Media
  •  Zero cost.
  • No infrastructure required nor sophisticated installations .
  •  Complete coverage to all customers.
  •  Convenient to customers.
  •  Designed with integrated components
  •  (Upgradable) Upgradeable  to meet all requirements.
  •  Doesn`t need minimum number to start with.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • System Reports and outputs facilitate complete supervision.
  • Ready for developments or modifications.

   “ARWL” Components

  •  Mechanical Meter equipped with transmission unit.
  •  Interface transmission unit to power lines.
  •  Reading unit.
  •  Charger. 
  •  Interface unit.
  • Database.