Hand Held Unit (HHU)



    The Hand Held Unit (HHU) is designed with Arabic data entry that communicates with PCs. The design has an economic (effective-cost) architecture and is based on the recent advances in electronics.

  • The HHU has different features for efficient data storage and retrieval from and to a dbase on computers. The unit has a long-life RAM, which enables data transportation and storage for a long time period and independent of the power supply.

  • The HHU has also a Graphic-display unit, Arabic (or English) keypad, durable case, magnetic-coupling communication port, watchdog, supervised controlled power supply, buzzer, and an appropriate long-life memory.

  • The unit ROM has an efficient embedded S/W for the intended functions and Arabic data handling. The S/W can interface with a PC to integrate the data with a larger Dbase. The unit has been implemented and currently used to collect power meter readings by two of the power distribution companies in Egypt.

  • It can be extended to cover different applications in many areas such as time attendendance of employees, Point of Sale (POS) units, mobile data collection, utility metering, and quality control systems.

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