Company Profile

  • The "Engineering Office for Integrated Projects" EOIP was established in 1988.

  • EOIP based in Cairo - Egypt, is one of the most advanced R & D companies in the areas of Industrial Electronics, Control Systems, Signal Processing, Communication Systems and Information Systems.

  • EOIP mission is to develop new projects that serve many national sectors. Over the past years EOIP has been involved in many successful projects that prove to be competitive with the international ones. 

  • EOIP has four patents in the field of Digital Electronic Systems.

  • EOIP published more than 150 Journal & Conference papers in the past six years.
  • EOIP aims to extend it`s business allover the middle east area

  • EOIP is a member of the Software Information and Communication Technology chamber-Federation of Egyptian Industries.

  • We have established expertise in designing, developing and deploying a broad base of solutions<%--, including.--%>

    Embedded Systems Design
    Software development
    Training provider
    Industrial Control
    Electronic Industry
    Automatic Control