Supervisory Control

And Data Acquisition (SCADA)

The MV distribution network in the electricity companies in Egypt is supplied from the transmission system of the Egyptian electricity authority at the M.V. bus bars of the 66/11 kV, 220/66/11 kV and 220/20 kV substations.

Most of the primary (MV) distribution operators at 11kV. Secondary (LV) distribution operators at 380/220 volts and is generally referred to as 0.4kV.

The medium voltage feeders extends from the distribution points forming loops which are normally opened in urban areas and radial overhead lines in rural areas.

The low voltage system being at the low voltage bus bar of the distribution transformers by the main low voltage feeders. These main feeders either feed directly large consumers such as workshops or large buildings or branch through distribution boxes into several secondary branches to feed smaller customers. These branches may be three phase, double phase, or single phase.

EOIP proposed a new system for distribution system automation; the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, EOIP SCADA.

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