Embedded Systems Design


  • EOIP has a very wide experience in Embedded Systems Design area. EOIP Members, include firmware experts, firmware specialists and hardware specialists .

  • The Office is equipped with all the up to date equipment that is needed for this field.

  • The hardware, firmware and software design and implementation are done completely by EOIP staff.

  • We almost lead the Embedded Systems Design market here in Egypt. EOIP has successfully accomplished the following projects:

      Air conditioner Remote Control and Control Board

    • Electronic Meter Card.

    • Digital Relay.

    • Hand Held Unit (HHU).

    • Private Automatic Branch exchange (PABX).

    • Automatic Reader System for consumption and Electric Losses (ARSEL).

    • Digital Electronic Meter.

    • Various Data Acquisition Systems and Automatic Measurement Projects.

    • Water Level Monitoring System Projects.

    • Automatic Control Projects

    • TV and Electronic Industry.

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