Control system

EOIP most relevant projects in control system

  • Consultation and training for the Egyptian Iron & Steel Company engineers on the DCS of Vost-Alpine continuous casting machine, with Siemens` SIMATEC S5-150U and 115U PLCs, connected through SINECH network to supervisory computers with graphical interface software.

  • Design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of sequence controller to control a tile loading machine at the Arab Ceramic Company (ARACEMCO).

  • Design and implementation of a PC-based sequence controller to control a tile-sorting machine at the ARACEMCO with a total of 168 digital I/O points.

  • Design and implementation of a PC-based monitoring & control system for four electronic bran weighers to monitor the discharge rate in North Cairo mills. The system comprised 8 analog inputs and 16 digital outputs.

  • Design and supervision of installation of a distributed control system (DCS) for Salem`s rotary hearth coke calciner at the Aluminum company of Egypt, with two Allen-Bradley PLC5/15 and two Remote I/O processing units over 140 analog points, 180 digital points and 6 process loops. Two supervisory PCs run the graphical interface software.

  • Design of a DCS for 7 direct-chill semi-continuous casting machines. Each machine controller is our proprietary system with added analog inputs, and the controllers are networked to two supervisory PCs. Design of an automation system for El-Mahallawy farm irrigation. Four irrigation pumps, two drainage pumps and 26 slide valves that control water flow to the sixty acres farm, are controlled through a PLC and supervisory PC to deliver the required water to the land.

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